Created in 2016, the Baglietto Navy division breathed new life into the shipyard’s long-standing and successful tradition in the naval sector by offering the military a range of patrol vessels. Earlier this year, it secured a contract for the construction of two fast assault craft for the Italian Navy.

Unlike the FFC15, the first aluminiumprototype launched by the shipyard in 2016, the new combat boats will be builtof composite materials (aramid fibre and vinylester resin) and fitted with a propulsion package comprising twin 800-hp engines with surface drives for a top speed of 40 knots and a cruising speed of 35 knots.
The layout and interior equipment of the FFC (Fast Fight Combat) have beenspecifically designed for the transportationof troops. The pilothouse can hold up to three crew members, while the interior layout can be optimised depending on the type of mission. Fitted with removable seats with special shock absorbers, the troop compartment can seat up to 22 personnel.
Moreover, the superstructure and pilothouse will be protected by armouredpanels for protection against 7.62 calibreNATO rounds. A two-section foredeck hatch allows for easy landing, troop disembarkation and sea rescue operations. The boats will bearmed with a 12.7mm remote-controlled gunturret on the deckhouse.
“Being awarded these two contracts is a huge source of pride for us,” says Diego Michele Deprati, who heads up Baglietto’s Navy Division.“Baglietto can boast a long- standing tradition in the construction ofmilitary craft, from the historic MAS boatsduring the two World Wars to the recent patrol vessels for the Italian Finance Police and other navies around the world. This ensures continuity with the past, but
it is also an acknowledgement of the considerable effort made by Baglietto Navy over the last few years to serve the military sector.”
Ever since the First World War, militaryproduction has been a significant part ofBaglietto’s history. Ongoing research and development greatly contributed to the brand’s prestige and led to it becoming a key player in the military market.
The MAS torpedo boats, in particular,represented a new generation of robust, nimble and seaworthy military-style craft. They went on to smash all records and in 1936 broke through the 50-knot ceiling. When the austerity of the war years was followed by a thirst for the good life, Baglietto was well placed to transfer its wealth of technical knowledge to the leisure boat market.

Thanks to this advanced technologyand know-how in the field of fast hulldesign, today Baglietto Navy is one of the Italian Navy’s suppliers and has designed vessels for law enforcement and coastguard agencies worldwide.

Above: The new FFC combat craft continues Baglietto’s time-honoured tradition of building boats for the military.


Established in 1854, Cantiere Baglietto Spa specialises in the construction of new planing aluminium yachts between 35-50m in length, and steel and aluminium displacement superyachts above 40m.

Baglietto’s shipbuilding activities further include professional refit and repair services, as well as the construction of military vessels under the Baglietto Navy brand. This latter initiative breathes new life into the brand’s long-standing and successful tradition in the naval sector with a range of fast patrol vessels.

In 2012, the shipyard entered a new era when it was acquired by the Gavio Group, a leading industrial conglomerate active in a wide range of synergetic sectors, ranging from toll motorways concessions and civil engineering to logistics, transportation and information technology. The Group also owns the CCN and Bertram yacht brands.

In 2017, Baglietto and CCN announced new US headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with the goal of promoting both brands in the Americas. As the country’s superyacht hub, Fort Lauderdale is the ideal location for the ‘boutique’ headquarters in the US and each year during FLIBS draws hundreds of leading marine businesses from around the world and thousands of yachting enthusiasts.